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Great reminders for the current political, economic and market gyrations we are experiencing.

U.S. Debt Ceiling: Is it time for extraordinary measures?

Recent headlines have investors concerned about what may happen to their portfolios if the U.S. government cannot reach an agreement to increase the debt ceiling/limit, thereby risking default: The reality is that headlines like these are nothing new. In the historic global market growth of wealth graphic below, we highlighted every major “impending disaster” as …

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Annualized returns are POSITIVE, even after entering a recession

Yes, you read that correctly – annualized returns are POSITIVE, even after entering a recession. Just check out the graphic and info below from Dimensional if it seems unbelievable! From economists to rideshare drivers, it seems that many are fretting over the looming possibility of a recession. Markets may be in agreement, as we have …

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Banks and Markets

Your portfolio was built with the knowledge of how banking crises historically affect markets. When the news of the SVB (Silicon Valley Bank) collapse hit a week or so ago, it seemed unprecedented. The shockwave that went through the banking system left many wondering what fallout may arise. Subsequently, consolidation is occurring in the banking …

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Stay In Your Seat

Recently, Weston Wellington from Dimensional Fund Advisors shared a presentation expressing the importance of sticking with your plan during turbulent times titled “Stay In Your Seat”. The presentation was a brilliant juxtaposition between financial market turbulence and turbulence you may experience on a cross-country flight, emphasizing the value of staying in your seat in each …

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