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For those who feel like they have been forgotten by their current advisor, we provide a personal concierge experience. Where  your needs, your goals, and your vision is our number one priority.

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Mark K. Lund founded Stonecreek Wealth Advisors, a fiduciary, fee-only, financial advisory and retirement planning firm located in Draper, Utah.

Mark started in this business over 25 years ago and published his first book in 2010 called, The Effective Investor. He has written articles for or been quoted in: The Wall Street Journal, The Salt Lake Tribune, The Enterprise Newspaper, The Utah Business Connect Magazine, US News & World Report, and, just to name a few. You may also have seen him on KUTV Channel 2 or as a guest speaker at a local association or business. His philosophy is that his client’s vision comes first and it’s the only vision that matters. Your vision is his number one priority. He grew up in Utah and currently lives in Alpine with his wife and two kids.


In Mark’s book, The Effective Investor, a #1 best seller, he exposes the false narratives magazines, media, big Wall Street firms, and most advisors want you to believe. The good news is that Mark will show you that you don’t need their speculative ways of investing in order to be an effective investor.

If what you thought to be true about your investments turned out to be false, when would you want to know?


Learn the #1 question every person should ask when meeting with a financial advisor.

A firm that is GIPS compliant must abide by high ethical standards…


Mark’s ebooks cover topics such as:
•How to know what stocks are going to give you the best returns.
•The top asset protections tips to follow.
•How to know if you should be in or out of the market.
•How tofind the hidden fees in your investments.
•How to know what stocks are going to give you the best returns.
•The problem withfive-star mutual funds.
•How to turn taxable 401(k) & IRA dollars into tax-free income.

It’s easy to get opinions on topics of this type. It’s hard to get facts. The answers are based on evidence that can be measured.


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For people who are interested, Mark offers a membership subscription to participate in his Private Client Group. The membership is $97 a month. For clients, we waive the monthly subscription fee.

The Private Client Group includes the following:
•Our mobile phone app
•The Effective Investor Newsletter
•Quarterly Market Review
•Special Bulletins
•Annual Strategy Session
•Coaching Videos
•Surprise Bonuses