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Evidence-Based Investing, Financial Advisor in Utah

As a fiduciary, there is a reason we refer to our strategy for building long-term wealth as evidence-based investing. There are a number of other terms we could use instead; Structured (getting warm), low-cost (definitely), indexing (close, but)… the list goes on. But because the evidence is at the root of what we do, we believe it should also be at the root of what we call it.  Join us for our next webinar to learn more about Evidence-Based Investing.

Why Choose Us?


We have a fiduciary duty. The SEC describes a fiduciary like this. “A fiduciary must act for the benefit of the person to who he owes fiduciary duties, to the exclusion of any contrary interest.” The client’s best interest comes firmest and it is the only interest that matters. We earn no commissions. We derive income from an annual management fee. We are in it with you, the better you do, the better we do. By hiring us, we can usually provide clients with investments whose total costs are less than what they can do on their own.

We Follow the Uniform Prudent Investor Act (UPIA)

UPIA is a legal document that was published by the American Law Institute in 1992, that outlines what it means to be a prudent fiduciary. UPIA states that the fiduciary’s role is to manage risk and expected return by developing and monitoring the client portfolios. Not only are these the primary responsibilities as a fiduciary, but the great news is that there is an academic and scientific method, if applied appropriately, that can give you very good solutions and prudent reasons for making an investment decision.

We use an Evidence-Based Investment Philosophy

Because there is a lot more noise than there is valuable knowledge, the basic recipe for evidence-based investing begins and ends with academic rigor. It should always be a key ingredient in separating likely fact from probable fiction. It requires robust data sets that are large enough, representative enough, and free from other common data analysis flaws. Authors should be impartial, lacking incentives to “torture” the data to make a point. Other studies should be able to reproduce the same findings under different scenarios, suggesting the results are more likely to persist upon discovery. The data, methodology, and results should be published in reputable, peer-reviewed forums where informed colleagues can comment on the findings. Enough time must pass to make all of the above possible. After that, we also must be able to apply the results in the real world. In other words, even if a theoretical strategy is expected to enhance your returns, it must do so after considering all practical costs and portfolio-wide tradeoffs involved. For example, sometimes one source of expected returns may offset another, even bigger source. Sometimes, we can combine them for even stronger results; other times, it’s best to favor one over the other.

We Have GIPS Audited Returns

Make sure the returns of the money manager you use are audited by a third -party firm like Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS). Many portfolio man agers, financial advisors, stockbrokers, and financial planners claim consistent, superior performance, but do not provide independently-validated evidence of that performance from a firm like GIPS. Ask for a GIPS audit report. If they can’t provide a Gips audit, then be leery! For more information about GIPS, visit their website at



In this webinar Mark will present what exactly evidence-based investing is and why, when it comes to your time, your money, your future AND YOUR FAMILY. . .  we choose EVIDENCE-BASED INVESTING.

Serving Families and
Small Businesses in Utah

For Families

Wealth management for families is about more than “money”. It’s also built around your core values. It’s about questions like; What’s your true purpose for money? What should your wealth help you accomplish? What could it accomplish for others?

A family plan considers the entirety of your financial life. Your assets, your liabilities, your taxes, your income, your business – these aspects of your financial life are never isolated from each other. Occasionally or frequently, they interrelate. Family wealth management recognizes this interrelation and takes a systematic, integrated approach toward improving your financial situation.

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For Small Businesses

We understand you’ve worked hard to build what you have. Our goal is to take what you’ve done and build upon your success, we want you to have peace of mind in retirement.

Think of us as one of your employees – one who just doesn’t happen to have an office on site. Our expertise is in getting you the results you want, without getting you bogged down in complex rules and regulations. We sit on your side of the negotiating table to find the best retirement plan solution for your small business. Once your plan is implemented, we monitor it regularly to make sure it continues to meet your company’s goals and objectives over time.

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About Mark K. Lund, Independent financial Advisor in utah

Mark K. Lund is the firms founder, CEO and author of The Effective Investor, a #1 best seller. He has written articles for or been quoted in: The Wall Street Journal, The Salt Lake Tribune, The Enterprise Newspaper, The Utah Business Connect Magazine, US News & World Report, and, just to name a few. You may also have seen him on KUTV Channel 2, or as a guest speaker at a local association or business.

In his book, The Effective Investor, Mark exposes the false narrative magazines, media, big Wall Street firms, and most advisors want you to believe. The good news is that Mark will show you that you don’t need their speculative ways of investing in order to be a successful investor.

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