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7 Truths To Know About Annuities

There can be times when the market goes up and your equity indexed annuity will get 0% credit.

5 Asset Protection Tips

It should be pointed out that many portfolio managers, financial advisors, stockbrokers...

8 Tips For Successful Investing

The SEC requires each mutual fund company to issue a prospectus.

20 Must Answer Questions For Peace Of Mind In Retirement

What does your money really have to do to bring you peace of mind? The answers lie in asking the right question...

401K Fiduciary Awareness Guide

Just by reading The 401k Fiduciary Awareness Guide, you will know more than most plan sponsors about what it means to be a 401Kprudent fiduciary.

Mark Lund’s Book on Investing

Magazines, media, big Wall Street firms, and most advisors are actively promoting a false narrative they want you to believe.

Investment Newsletter

Mark Lund on Money is our monthly newsletter. Those who benefit the most are individuals who are saving for retirement and employers sponsoring a retirement savings plan.

Free Initial Consultation

The first meeting is a free consultation. The process starts with an orientation meeting to discuss your vision of the future, your current situation, including your investment philosophy.


Three Types of Financial Advisors

There are three types of financial advisors in the investment industry. They all may use different titles but all fall under one of three categories.

Disclosed and Undisclosed Fees

When it comes to investing there are both disclosed fees and undisclosed fees. Disclosed fees are those that are required by law to be reported.

Stock Picking

Can an active investor or money manager out-perform stock market rates of return by picking or trading individual stocks?

Forecasting the Economy

Is it possible for any investor or money manager to consistently forecast the economy or the market?

Determining Undervalued Stocks

Is it possible to identify undervalued stocks ahead of time? Some people believe that that free markets fail and it is possible to identify in advance which stock prices are inaccurate.

The Best Days to Invest

Is it possible to know when to be invested in the market and know when to get out of the market?

Key Components of Investment Returns

The Financial Analyst Journal did a study on the key components of portfolio performance.

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