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Utah 401k Plan Services

Are you satisfied with the state of your company’s 401k plan?

As a plan sponsor, you may be thinking about the following issues:

  • Should our plan offer our employees more investment choices?
  • How can we make the plan more user-friendly?
  • Is automatic enrollment a good idea?
  • Is there a cheaper plan out there that might be just as good?
  • Are we satisfying the 404(c) employee education requirements?
  • Are we truly meeting our fiduciary responsibility?
  • What steps could we take to try and reduce liability?
  • How does our 401k plan stack up against others in terms of fund quality, costs, and fees?
  • Is there a way we can monitor and evaluate investment performance?

Are your employees fully participating? Who do they contact with questions and how quickly do they receive answers? Do you feel like your company is capably fulfilling its fiduciary responsibility?

Many companies aren’t happy with their plan or their Advisor. It may be a service issue; it may be a desire to find a cheaper or more appealing alternative to the plan now in place. Having over a decade of experience with 401k plan programs, we are familiar with these issues and have helped businesses address them.

We can help you evaluate your current plan – or search for a new one. We consult companies about their retirement programs and help owners, HR officers and employees make informed decisions.

Benefits Of Our 401K Plan Services

Stonecreek Wealth Advisors understands that small businesses have many competing priorities, and your retirement plan should be a simple, stress-free part of your company’s operations. That’s why we offer personalized, objective guidance to help you make the right decisions at every step.

Our 401k planning for small businesses in Utah includes:

  • A thorough assessment of your company’s retirement plan needs, including an evaluation of fund expenses and administrative costs
  • Consultation and support on all aspects of your retirement plan, including investment selection and participant education.
  • Assistance in navigating complex regulations and requirements.

We Can Help Strengthen Your Business

At Stonecreek Wealth Advisors, we know that a strong retirement program is a key to helping establish a trusted bond with your employees and, in turn, strengthen the overall performance of your business. Whether you’re looking for guidance on best practices for improving or replacing your current plan or need help setting up an employee 401k program, we have the experience and expertise to act as a trusted guide throughout this process.

If you’re interested in learning more about our retirement service options for your small business in Utah, we encourage you to contact us today for a free consultation. Thank you for considering our services to help improve the 401k plan at your company.

If you want to take a closer look at your options as a 401(k) plan sponsor, please call us or click here to get started.

The Introduction To Prosperous Investing — The First Appointment

Once you schedule your
Introduction To Prosperous Investing, we will send you a short first appointment questionnaire within 24 hours.  The first appointment questionnaire gives us a brief overview of your current situation, what your top concerns are, and will helps us better understand your investment experience.  To schedule your first appointment, simply call us at 801-545-0696 or click, Let’s Begin. 


Enjoy retirement as you’ve always envisioned

We’re here to help, no matter where you’re starting from!

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