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A Fiduciary Financial Advisor in Utah

Stonecreek Wealth Advisors is a fiduciary, independent, fee-only, Registered Investment Advisor firm.  SWA provides investment and retirement planning services for individuals, pensions, profit sharing plans, charitable organizations, trusts, estates, corporations and other business entities.

What Makes Us Unique

Fiduciary Duty
We have fiduciary duty. The SEC describes a fiduciary like this. “A fiduciary has an affirmative obligation to put client’s interests above his or her own. As a result, a fiduciary acts in the best interests of the client, even if it means putting a client’s interest above his own. A fiduciary standard is an affirmative obligation of loyalty and care that continues through the life of the relationship between the adviser and the client, and it controls all aspects of their relationship.” The client’s best interest comes first and it is the only interest that matters.

We Are Not With A Broker-dealer
Broker-dealers are not bound by fiduciary duty, instead must meet a much lower standard… suitability. The suitability standard allows brokers to pursue their own interests without disclosing those interests. Compared to fiduciary duty, suitability is a lower bar. Advisors associated with a broker-dealer are typically selling commission-based products. We do not sell products for commissions, we are fee-only.

Independent & Fee-Only
As a fee-only adviser we earn no commissions. We derive income from annual management fees. The management fees are usually a percentage of the assets a client has invested. With this compensation arrangement, you know that we are just as interested in your account growing as you are.

Our Investment Philosophy
There are only two investment philosophies. The first is that free markets fail, while the second is that free markets work. It is important for all people to understand what each means, choose one and align themselves with an advisor who shares the same belief. We believe that free markets work. What this means is that all the knowable and predictable information is already factored into the price of a stock. Based on supply and demand, the free market is the best determinant of market prices. In other words, it is breaking news, unknowable information, or unforeseen events that changes the price of a stock. The randomness of the market makes it impossible for any individual, entity, or software program to consistently predict market movements and capture additional returns unrelated to risk.

GIPS Audited Returns
Make sure the returns of the money manager you use are audited by a third-party firm like Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS). Many portfolio managers, financial advisors, stockbrokers, and financial planners claim consistent, superior performance, but do not provide independently-validated evidence of that performance from a firm like GIPS. Ask for a GIPS audit report. If they can’t provide a GIPS audit, then be leery! For more information about GIPS, visit their website at

Our Investor Coaching Series
Ongoing participation in group coaching events will help to keep your investing perspective sharp and focused on issues that are important to your long-term goals. The Investor Coaching Series is designed to help you confront common investing challenges and put shot-term events into perspective. By making these events a priority for yourself and viewing them as exercise for your financial fitness, you will be better prepared to face tough challenges when they arise.

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