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A Utah Fiduciary, Fee-only, Registered Investment Advisory Firm

Stonecreek Wealth Advisors, Inc. is a Financial Advisor for families and small businesses in Utah.  As a fiduciary, fee-only, Registered Investment Advisor firm, we help navigate the most common and complex issues relating to investment management and retirement planning.  We are committed to safeguarding the confidential information of our clients because mutual trust is essential to the advisor-client relationship. Personal privacy is of our utmost importance to our clients. The following is our policy that describes how we treat your personal information. We welcome any comments or concerns.

Our clients look to us to provide education, empowering them to make good decisions, to help them preserve their capital and provide real growth in their portfolios after taxes and inflation.  While each of our clients are unique, they all have one thing in common:  They want unbiased investment education from experienced professionals.

We understand that our clients have unique needs.  Our role is to help you make smart, well-informed decisions about your investments.  Providing you with greater financial independence, peace of mind, and security.

  • Our investment strategy will enhance your success by establishing a portfolio that optimizes returns and lowers volatility.
  • We are affiliated with many of the country’s leading investment management firms.  They execute the investment strategies dictated by your personal plan.  These alliances allow us to provide comprehensive quarterly performance reports and a high level of coaching and service.
  • Our clients are business owners and professionals, including physicians, athletes, and retirees.

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