Do you provide a free consultation?

Yes!  We do provide a free initial consultation.  We call this the Retirement Inventory.  This is your chance to rigorously examine your present investment and financial position.  It will help you to clarify your goals and objectives and identify appropriate strategies to reach your goals.  During this meeting you will find that one of your biggest problems is one of two things:

1- You don’t even know what your real problems are.
The first step in improving your portfolio and increasing your ability to create real wealth is to diagnose the true nature of your current position.  This can only be done by asking the “right” questions.  What are the right questions?  Taken as a whole, they are the questions that few financial planning processes answer, and they lay at the very heart of building better investment solutions to reach your goals.

2- You don’t know what you don’t know.
Most of these questions will deal with issues you have never directly addressed or, worse yet, didn’t even know existed.  Each question has been specifically developed to help you focus on the dangers and opportunities for growth and improvement in your present investment experience.

Our initial consultation will help you to begin to see what the real underlying problems are and quantify them so that you can begin to solve them. 

Most investors do not know what their problems are or how much they could cost them.  After this meeting, you will have achieved excellent insight into both areas.  Just remember all growth starts with the truth.  During this meeting we will be able to gather the necessary information to prepare for you 5 very important reports titled, The Portfolio MRI, The Cost Analysis, Getting Income Report, Holdings Report, and The Overlap Report.  

The purpose of these reports is to help you know some very important information about your retirement assets such as:

  • Your true total expenses charged each year on your portfolio and how to lower them.
  • Your portfolio performance to determine if your account is doing better or worse than comparative benchmarks.
  • The standard deviation or “risk” of your current mix and how to lower your risk.
  • The overlap and style drift of your current stock holdings to help you learn what your current asset categories REALLY look like (what your diversification really is).
  • The Getting Income Report shows you how much income you can pull from your current portfolio and compares that to what kind of income you could pull if you made any changes or improvements that may be identified during our analysis.

So, here’s how to start.

Fill out my online form.