401k Advisor in Utah

As the owner of a company and a sponsor to a qualified retirement plan, such as a 401(k), we would like to ask you to consider the following scenario: Imagine you are about to board an airplane at Salt Lake International Airport.  Your destination is Los Angles (LAX). As you are checking in at the gate the agent comes on the PA system and says, “Ladies and gentleman, I have an announcement to make.  The Captain and the FAA want me to let you know that there is an 85% chance that this plane will not make it to your final destination time and safely.  Have a nice flight!”  Would you board that airplane?  Of course not!  Why?  It is not a minimum adequate rate of success (M.A.R.S) for you to feel comfortable that you will get to your destination (LAX) on time and safely.

Let us ask you another question:  What is the M.A.R.S. of your company 401(k) retirement plan?  What is the minimum adequate rate of success that all of your employees will arrive at their final destination (retirement) with an adequate percentage of replacement income?  Will they arrive at their retirement destination on time and safely, with enough money to generate a “paycheck for life” to pay for all the things they desire to do when they retire?  What percentage of your employees will have replaced an adequate percentage of their current income (i.e. approximately 70 to 90 percent, adjusted for inflation) at their retirement age?

As a 401K Advisor, we are passionately focused on creating:

  1. Adequate success rates of you and your employees
  2. A Paycheck for Life for you and all of your participants

Now don’t get us wrong, we also believe in:

  • Reducing costs
  • Enhancing investment performance
  • Mitigating risks
  • Increasing overall plan servicing value

Still, without a focus on participant education and the integration of automatic features to encourage a higher rate of savings for all your employees, than a critical reason for providing this valuable benefit to your employees is being missed.

That’s why we created The 401k Advisor Retirement Plan Solution.  It’s a comprehensive, evolutionary six-step process that’s built around three principles:  Simplicity, Focus, and Balance.

We do the work for you.

  • Evaluate your current retirement plan, a process that includes identifying places where you may be paying hidden and unnecessary fees
  • Vendor Benchmark
  • Maximize tax benefits
  • Protect you and your company’s fiduciaries from unnecessary litigation
  • Write an RFP and analyze proposals to make sure you obtain the best solution Monitor your plan investments
  • Educate and motivate your employees to participate and create a paycheck for life.

Results, not procedures.

Think of us as one of your employees – one who just doesn’t happen to have an office on site.  Our expertise is in getting you the results you want, without getting you bogged down in complex rules and regulations.  We sit on your side of the negotiating table to find the best retirement plan solution for your company.  Once your plan is implemented, we monitor it regularly to make sure it continues to meet your company’s goals and objectives over time.

Minimizing cots, crating exceptional value.

By now your’r probably wondering just how much this is going to cost.  Not to worry.  Most likely, we’ll be able to uncover places where you’re paying unnecessary expenses – hidden mutual fund fees are one example – and use that money to uncover your retirement plan’s buried treasure.  (Your retirement plan may have hidden costs and expenses.  The industry calls these 12b-1, Bid/Ask Spread, and Transaction costs.  We call them buried treasure, the gold bullion of your retirement plan.  Their fees can be used to reduce your plan’s future expenses and cover our consulting fees.)