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If what you thought to be true about your investments turned out to be false, when would you want to know?

Magazines, media, big Wall Street firms, and most advisors are actively promoting a false narrative they want you to believe. The reason they push this narrative is because it makes them a lot of money. In The Effective Investor, Mark Lund exposes this false narrative, explains how it is used, taught, and promoted, so that you too will be able to recognize it.

The good news is that you don’t need their speculative ways of investing in order to be successful. This is the dirty little secret in the investment industry that they don’t want you to know. With proper strategies and information you can achieve a level of confidence and peace with your investments and retirement plans that you never knew was possible.


And The Winner Is?

How to know what stocks are going to give you the best returns

One of the first questions I get asked is, “What stocks do you like?” What people are really asking is, “What stocks are going to give me the best returns?” In the investment industry we refer to this as Stock Picking. I’m going to teach you how we can statistically look at the evidence to find the answer to this question. 


Turning Money into Wealth

What your biggest advantage is when it comes to building wealth

In this ebook you will learn your biggest advantage when it comes to building wealth. You will also learn a very interesting commonality that I have observed over the years from working with many different people, in many different age groups and many different financial situations. This single commonality among these people can be replicated by anyone, once you know what it is.


A Trip to Hawaii

The top asset protection tips to follow

Learn the top asset protection tips to follow to help protect your money. You will also learn some important insights into the different types of advisors out there. This information will allow you to know exactly what kind of advisor would be best for you to work with.


A Game of Roulette

The problem with five star mutual funds

In A Game of Roulette you will learn the problem with five star mutual funds and why by picking funds with five star ratings may not be the best way to identify the funds to buy. I will illustrate the fact that some money managers only appear to constantly beat the market by stock picking or timing the market.


A Game of Hide and Seek

How to find the hidden fees in your investments

Most people don’t know what they are actually paying for their investments because there are both disclosed fees and undisclosed or hidden fees. You may be saying, “What! There are undisclosed fees?” Yes, but don’t worry. In this ebook, I am going to explain what those fees are and help you to find them in your investments.


For Old 401(k) & IRA Owners

How to turn taxable 401(k) & IRA dollars into tax-free income

For many years now, Americans have been dumping money into IRAs, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, and the like. They have reduced their taxes by making these tax-deductible contributions, and have then enjoyed tax-deferred growth. Because these retirement plans grew on a tax-deferred basis, they put off paying the taxes on the growth of the retirement accounts as well. Now that they are ready to retire, they don’t want to pay the tax on the distributions either.



What the insurance agent won’t tell you about annuities

At some point, you may be approached by an insurance agent selling annuities. They will tell you things like, “When the market goes up, you participate in the gains, but when the market goes down, you won’t lose anything.” The truth is, it doesn’t always work this way. There are several other truths I think you should know before buying an annuity that the insurance agent won’t tell you. These truths are some of the reasons why I don’t like annuities.


Sunscreen or Umbrellas

Where the biggest returns come from when investing

People are willing to invest because they anticipate a return on their invested money. At some future point in time, the investor expects to get back both the principal amount and something extra as well. The possibility that an investment will not perform as expected is known as “investment risk.” This is why it is so important to understand where the biggest returns come from.


The Genie in The Bottle

How to know if you should be in our out of the market

Most often people want to get out of the market because there has been a market crash or they have heard someone predicting a market crash. In the investment industry, we refer to this as “Market Timing.” Market timing is any attempt to alter or change your investments based on a prediction or forecast about the future. This ebook answers the question, How to know if you should be in or out of the market?