How are you compensated?

We are “fee-only,” that means we are not fee-based or commission-based.

A fee-only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) means the RIA has a fiduciary obligation to their clients.  That means they have to put their clients interests first above their own.  This is important because someone who is fee-based or commission-based does not have that same fiduciary obligation.  This also means the RIA is transparent.  They don’t get any kick back from any company for using any particular investment.   The only compensation we get is what we charge and there is nothing more than that.

Our fee is based on money under management.  The higher your account value, the lower the rate.  It appears directly on your statement and in some cases tax deductible, click here to learn more.

We’re happy to provide you an apple to apples comparison of the fees you’re paying (or the proposed fees you’ll pay another financial advisor) and our fees.  Our fees are simple to understand and reasonable.  Most importantly, we believe in FULL DISCLOSURE – so we never hide or bury our fees like other brokers or “financial advisors” who are commission-based or “fee-based” (not Fee-Only!).