What Is Our Evidence-Based Investment Philosophy and Why Does it Matter?

In this webinar Mark will present what exactly evidence-based investing is and why,
when it comes to your time, your money, your future

You may be asking: Doesn’t everyone invest with evidence? 

At first glance, nearly every investment recommendation may seem “evidence-based.” After all, what forecaster would actually peer into a crystal ball to make their predictions. And no market guru would admit their stock-picking track record has been no better than a dart-throwing monkey’s (even though that’s usually the case).

Instead, stock-picking and market-timing enthusiasts tend to argue their cases by turning to articulate analyses, smart charts, and convincing corporate briefs. They use these props to explain the late-breaking news, and recommend what you should supposedly be doing about it.

There’s nothing wrong with facts and figures. The critical difference is how we apply them as evidence-based investors.  

In this special webinar you will learn:

  • Exactly what evidence-based investing is and why it matters! 
  • How evidence-based investors build and mange their portfolio based on what is expected to enhance future returns and/or dampen related risk exposures, according to the most robust evidence available. 
  • How to know what evidence to heed. 
  • The evidence-based silver bullet. 
  • The two things to do, to get 1 million dollars.
  • And, what jelly beans have to do with investing! 

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