Our New Client Process

To begin the process simply call, e-mail, or schedule your free consultation with the form below.

Once you schedule your free consultation we will send you a short First Appointment Questionnaire.  It’s that simple.  The First Appointment Questionnaire gives us a brief overview of how you envision retirement, your current situation, and your investment experience.  When we meet, we will clarify how you measure success, if we will work well together, and ensure we build a retirement plan that best suits your core personal and financial needs.  We will help you to identify and answer the top retirement decisions you need to make.

We’re here to help no matter where you’re starting from.

Here is a summary of our 9 Step New Client Process,
What to expect…

Step 1: Completion of First Appointment Questionnaire

Step 2: First Appointment – Start making plan decisions
First, we review your First Appointment Questionnaire to better understand what is important to you about money: your financial goals, investment objectives, and your investment philosophy. Overview of plan decisions to make.

Step 3: We Prepare Your Personal Investment Policy Statement (IPS).
We gather information needed to prepare your Investment Policy Statement. During this meeting we also gather information to prepare any other reports or analysis’s that are needed (Distribution Plan, Accumulation needs, Insurance needs, Portfolio Analysis, etc.).

Step 4: Second Appointment — Results Consultation
We present your IPS, review portfolio recommendations and review your retirement plan. We clarify your goals and investment objectives and review any additional reports that are needed.

Step 5: Implementation
We hire the best managers and complete paperwork to get started. We start implementing the needed changes which we agreed upon during the second appointment.

Step 6: We prepare your binder to organize financial documents.
We also prepare any new reports that are needed for accumulation or distribution needs.

Step 7: Third Appointment
New binder is give to client to organize financial documents and we present solutions and projections for any further planning being done.

Step 8: Fourth Appointment — First Quarter Review
Familiarize and review new statements. Answer questions.

Step 9: Quarterly Client Webinars
Every three months we provide quarterly client education webinars.

Step 10: Client Review Appointments — Monitor, Report, Rebalance,
This includes regular client review meetings to discuss your progress of your plan. Continual monitoring of your portfolio, rebalancing, and market updates. While you will receive monthly account statements, we also provide weekly economic updates, a weekly financial article, quarterly webinars, and regular coaching videos.

To get started just give us a call, send us an email or schedule an appointment with the form below.

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1- An IPS is a document, between the client and the advisor, defining how the clients money is to be managed.

2- The other reports, are designed to analyze your current retirement plan or portfolio to identify specific deficiencies and potential opportunities for improvement.  The key areas of analysis include income needs, asset allocation, diversification, investment costs, portfolio risk and efficiency.