Mark Lund’s Book on Investing

Do you ever worry about…marklund

  • Having enough money when you retire?
  • Picking the right stocks?
  • If you should be in or out of the stock market?
  • The performance of your portfolio?
  • Not having the right fund manager?
  • Choosing the right advisor to work with?
  • Paying too much for your investments?
  • Hidden fees in your investments?
  • The next market crash?

It’s easy to get opinions on questions of this type.  It’s hard to get facts.  In The Effective Investor, Mark Lund answers questions of this kind.  The answers are based on results that can be measured.

“I recommend this book to all my clients who are looking for an alternative to their high priced investment advisors and want a simple common sense approach to investing.”
Alan Erickson, CPA
Udall CPA Group, PLLC

“Financial expertise and competence truly shines in The Effective Investor.  Our law firm confidently advises our clients to pursue the practical strategies and insights found in this book.”

Ryan E. Snow, JD/MBA
Estate Planning Attorney
Novas Law Group, PLLC

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